The concept of FriendsWith® was developed through our own personal online shopping experiences. We noticed that we rely heavily on Social media not only for inspiration but also as a more interesting and fulfilling way to shop. However with influencer marketing seeing a massive spike in the last few years, it’s becoming harder and harder to understand if what people are promoting on social media is genuine or not.

FriendsWith will transform influencer marketing to become totally transparent and collaborative, giving the power to consumers. Our model allows creators on the App to only share content and product they have purchased themselves, making the content you are being shown 100% authentic and genuine.

By collaborating the best of New Zealand and International brands we bring you an all inclusive Marketplace with the best in Fashion, an endless scroll of shoppable user content, a platform made for creators. Which is the main point of difference between FriendsWith and other online marketplaces.

 With a distinct and diverse community, you can expect inspiring high-intent shoppers with outstanding, shoppable content. A collaborative & contemporary way to shop. 

Let’s be friends,
Paige and Dan